How to Avoid Being a Jerk Borrower?

If a loan is causing you too much stress, it’s normal to be mad or frustrated. You might lash out against the people close to you or even choose to isolate yourself. At times, you might be mad at the lender and display some sort of brashness or cruelty. As much as possible, you shouldn’t be a jerk borrower. Be kind – this will actually be good for you.


Check out these ways on how to avoid being a jerk borrower:


Repay Your Loan On Time


Once you applied for any loan, it’s a no-brainer that you must pay in full. If you’re just quick in borrowing and utterly reluctant in repayment, then you’re a jerk borrower. Remember that lending is still business. If you can’t repay the loan, the business will be affected and you’ll also incur huge penalties. It’s a “lose-lose” scenario because both parties will suffer. But more often than not, the lender will always have the last laugh. If the collection method is persistent or if the law is already involved, you’ll be forced to repay the loan along with the fees associated with it. There is no peace of mind for borrowers who tend to escape from their loans.


Watch Your Attitude


More often than not, your attitude plays an important factor in loan application. If you don’t have a great attitude, your application will very likely be denied. Before applying, keep in mind that the lender’s representatives are people with emotions too. They are not machines that will take your rants without repercussions. Sometimes, your attitude can sway the lenders to approve your loan. Another angle to look at it is the natural exchange of trust. With a great attitude, the lender will trust you more. The lender will also appreciate it if you invested your trust.


Have Realistic Expectations


Sometimes, borrowers have full-blown expectations about the loans that they want to apply for. These unbalanced expectations can lead to disappointments or even harsh reactions. Before borrowing a loan, you should set up your realistic expectations. Learn more about the loan by visiting the lender’s website or analyzing its loan types. Don’t jump into conclusions without asking the right questions.


Managing a loan is not easy, especially if the amount is huge. You need to make certain adjustments with your budget, all the while balancing other expenses. Still, you must be mindful regarding the lender’s side. Understand that the lender trusted you, and you must return the favor in any way you can.